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Got Leaks has been serving the Alabama and Tennessee Areas for over 40 years.We have an extensive track record of providing the the highest quality workmanship.

Our key to success is simple, use the highest quality materials, provide excellent services and gauge success by customer satisfaction.Got Roof Leaks isn’t just another big box business, nor are we fly by night. You can have confidence that when you call on us, before or after a service someone is always here to help get your roofing needs resolved.

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     This is a great source of light into your home. With a good quality skylight and proper installation they will give you years of    enjoyment                  

     Most of the skylight repairs are flashing issues.

Atitic Fires


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Leaky Skylight


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Residential Roofs


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Residential Roof Repairs

Alot of roof repairs are due to improper installation of valleys, flashings, nail placement.

Strong storms don't help much either!

We specialize in finding the problem and resolving whatever issue you are having

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Flat Roof Repairs

Most of your flat roof problems are drainage issues. If the roof is not pitched enough to drain the water to the drain or gutter than the water ponds causing lots of issues.

Rubber roofs have alot of loose seams and loose flashing.

Honest & Talented Thank you so much for the great roof repair experience. We only had a small issue but we were treated as if we were a top priority. Shane is an honest and talented roofer. We will definately use him again and recommend him to our friends! Lisa Adams Helena, AL